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Are you ready to get off the 'Diet Cycle'?

Read below to understand the nature of the 'diet cycle' that many of us find ourselves on and how to finally be free of it once and for all!

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The Cycle!

If you’ve been on your health journey for quite some time, you'll find that experiencing long-term results can often be difficultconfusing and even disheartening when the outcome doesn’t go to plan! And the worst part of this scenario is that each time we feel that we've had a 'failed' attempt, rather than questioning the diet we're on, we often end up blaming ourselves.

We rehearse negative thoughts like 'if I had more self-control', or 'if I wasn’t so lazy', or 'if only bad food didn’t taste so good'…And pretty soon, after falling short yet again, we find ourselves on to a new diet, a new trend or quick fix...hoping that after many failed attempts, this might be the one that turns out well; I call this train of thought THE CYCLE’ .

The Answer!

As an experienced plant-based nutritionist, I have spent years researching the dietary behaviours of hundreds of people who wanted to make a fresh start with their health, and I've learned what works, what does not work…and most importantly, I have learned that it’s NOT YOUR FAULT that you keep hitting a brick wall when trying to achieve your health goals. You just need to be a part of a programme that's actually designed for you to succeed rather than fail again and again.

Let go of the Guilt!

The fact that you actually have permission to release the guilt of your previous attempts at becoming healthier is fantastic news, because it means that you can finally drop the heavy bag of emotional guilt that you have been carrying because you can't seem to experience results. This guilt often holds us back and paralyzes us so that we are not empowered to move forward with the expectation of a new beginning. No matter how many times you've missed your target, you have to be ready to start with a clean slate believing that you really are capable of achieving your goals...Truly letting go of the past is the only way to move into your amazing future!

Let's try something new...  

To help you to finally break this cycle once and for all, Swap Meat has designed an amazing 21-day programme which includes everything you need to begin to build confidence again and finally experience success in improving your health!

The programme includes everything that I've observed from working with successful clients over the years...those who have been able to adhere to a healthy lifestyle for much longer than a few weeks...they've stuck with it for the long haul, and so can you!

To learn more about the 21-Day Vegan programme and how to get started today, click the button below...