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small changes for a happier, healthier you!


We've designed a personalised programme to help you experience life-changing results in just 3 short weeks!

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The Health Benefits...

Research shows that a planned plant-based diet offers a number of nutritional benefits, including lower levels of saturated fat and cholesterol, and higher levels of healthy carbohydrates, fibre, magnesium, potassium, folate, and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, and a long list of phytochemicals (chemical compounds found in plants which fight disease!) 

People who eat plant-based foods are also reported to be slimmer, have lower rates of death from heart disease; lower blood cholesterol levels; blood pressure; hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and prostate and colon cancer, which means that the power to prevent sickness and disease is not in the hospitals...it's actually in your KITCHEN and mine!

What's Included in the Programme???


1. Three Nutrition Consultations.

The programme includes 3 Nutrition Consultations, held at the start, middle and end of your 21-Day journey. During these sessions (held in person or via skype) we'll assess your dietary history and health status, measure your food and nutrient intake, eating habits, weight and energy levels, and set realistic targets for the weeks ahead!

2. Detailed Dietary Analysis including nutrient assessment and recommendations.

The programme also includes a Full Nutrient Report which will reveal exactly why you are experiencing certain outcomes, such as fatigue and raised cholesterol levels, and identify whether you are at risk for specific diseases. This detailed written analysis is an excellent opportunity for us to clearly see obstacles which may have held you back so far, and implement habits to make a long-term change.

3. A Food Preference Consultation with our Chef. 

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This session is one of the key elements which sets this programme apart from a typical diet plan because most plans will focus on taking elements of your diet AWAY, while we are interested in incorporating the foods from your current diet that you absolutely LOVE, and keeping them on your plate. At Swap Meat, we firmly believe that eating should be an enjoyable experience, not one of deprivation, so this session is specifically about identifying YOUR PREFERENCES. Now read on to see exactly where the magic happens...  

4. Ten 'personalised' meal-plan recipes to alternate throughout the program.


Swap Meat's nutritionist and chef will combine the information obtained from your nutrient analysis and food preference consultation and design 10 personalised recipes to help you experience optimum results! You will love these healthy, flavourful dishes because we've designed them to include WHAT YOU LIKE! You'll also enjoy mixing and matching them and how empowered you feel recreating these yummy masterpieces on your own. They will inspire you to experiment more in the kitchen as you become familiar with new and exciting tastes and develop a more adventurist palate!  

5. Personal Maintenance Plan to adhere to following the program for continued success!

While we are certain that you will enjoy your three weeks of transformation, the personal maintenance plan that we will design for you to incorporate after the programme is extremely important, as it will help you to maintain results. Beyond the learning and motivation gained during your 21 days vegan, this plan will take into account everything we've done together and your capabilities going forward. This plan will be a guide that you can refer to again and again to reach ongoing manageable goals and continued results!

How much does all of this cost??

You can sign up today for Swap Meat's 21-Day Vegan Programme for just £250   

Providing the hours of support and guidance offered within this programme would normally cost more than twice as much for individual services, so please don't miss out on this very special offer!